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Measure Map Pro 3.0.0 full apk

Measure Map Pro 3.0.0 : measure Plan Pro (estimation card Pro) permits you to rapidly and effectively measure numerous separations, borders and ranges with laser+like exactness! Use it for little and huge zones, then share your discoveries by means of any sharing application you have on your gadget.

Compute surface territories, structures, land, soil, woodland zones or measurements of pregnant, games visits, travel or anything you requirement for field work without setting off to the measures .

  • Create unlimited polygons with unlimited pins.
  • Draw shapes: circles and rectangles.
  • Elevation profile of route
  • Undo and redo operations as needed
  • Share of exported files to any sharing application on your device.
  • Search current places of residence, text (villages, places of interest, etc.) or an area or route ..

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