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How to get free credit in the Google Play store to buy applications

Varied and numerous applications and games paid in the Google Play store, which is characterized by the characteristics and advantages of better applications and games are free but the problem is it that a lot of users, do not have the credit to buy these applications and other games and this is the problem, which marks the majority, so in this post on our blog Naobro we will give you the right solution and the best to get a free credit from which you can buy applications and games paid for free and so easy and simple and legal way the announcement by Google Inc., for the owners of Android devices by providing them with a special application they can purchase paid applications do not linger on you and tiger to explain how to obtain this service good.

Application: google opinion rewards announced by Google Inc., already it lies the idea of ​​this application to provide some dollars to users by answering some questions and surveys in the application itself, and these questions will not take the time to just a few minutes
In addition to the application will alert you to the presence of new polls a week to answer them and won every time the amount of money to buy applications, games, as the company, these questions do not exceed 10 questions indicated.

First you must download the application on the Google Play Store here: Google Opinion Rewards

After uploading and installing the application of your access to it and as we have said must answer questions to get the amount of money and as we saw in the video down he was to earn $ 1 for every poll that does not mean the piece for only $ 1 Valttbaiq every time offers various polls will win the amounts of 0.10 to 1 dollars for every survey is to answer it

It is worth mentioning: The application supports the issuance of Android 2.3.3 and above, and if it fails you you must change the application to IP vpn android US and so as to avoid any problem
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