Thursday, June 30, 2016

Block City Wars 5.0 FULL APK

Block City Wars 5.0 FULL APK

Block City Wars 5.0 FULL APK  Welcome to the totally open world where the genuine war is going ! steady engagements amongst criminals and cops , blasts, mafia and the police + that is Block Сity Wars about . 

Complete incomprehensible missions , drive cool autos , parkour, pulverize distinctive foe (even zombies and beasts furious ) or simply would what you like to do! See the third individual shooter in significant megalopolises with the best high rises and army installation.

  •  Solo Mode + Adventure ! Take jobs and missions, transmit and grab money!
  •  Megacities with huge number of districts + 10 cards PVP : Old Town , Harbour, China Town , Military Base and others.
  •  Play with your friends from all over the world ( use the online chat)
  •  Cool cars Player, flight by jet pack and helicopters !
  •  Participate grand assault shooting with tanks and APС !

Download Block City Wars 5.0 FULL APK  For Android

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