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PingTools Pro 3.75 full apk

PingTools Pro 3.75 full apk

PingTools Pro 3.75 full apk 
This is an ace form of PingTools. By acquiring this application you will be in charge of creating, notwithstanding this variant have no promotions.

  • Info tool where you can view the status of the network connection, Wi-Fi router’s IP address, external IP address, information about your ISP and more. In addition, Info screen displays some useful graphics Wi-Fi and network utilization.
  •  Watcher – checks the network resources in a timely manner. Watcher show notify if the resource status has changed, you will always be aware of any problems with the network at home or at work.
  •  Ping – a tool needs no description. You can use a standard set of parameters, as well as additional features such as TCP and HTTP ping.
  • UPnP scanner – shows UPnP devices on your local network. With UPnP scanner you can find the IP address of your router, game console like Xbox or PlayStation, media servers and other devices.

Download PingTools Pro 3.75 FULL APK For Android

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