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Pokémon GO 0.29.2 FULL APK

Pokémon GO 0.29.2 FULL APK : 
Venusaur , Charizard , Blastoise , Pikachu and other Pokémon were found on planet Earth ! 

You now have the opportunity to discover and get the Pokémon who live around you, so put on your shoes , get out and investigate the world . You will go along with one of three groups and battle nearby your Pokémon for the notoriety and ownership of Arenas .

Pokémon are all over the place, and it is for you to discover them. When you stroll in your neighborhood, your cell phone will vibrate when a Pokémon will be close . 

Some Pokemon just show up beside their regular habitat : the water looking Pokémon close lakes and seas. Visit PokéStops situated in intriguing spots like galleries , workmanship establishments , chronicled markers and landmarks, to refuel Pokeballs and helpful things.

Maps for Pokemon Go 1.0.2 Full apk

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