Wednesday, July 6, 2016

SIM card manager

SIM card manager

SIM card manager is a modest device that peruses your SIM card and give you numerous accommodating informations. It likewise help you to oversee contacts in you SIM Card, you can see every one of your contacts put away on SIM Card, make another contacts (store to SIM card), alter a contact or erase contact(s). 


  • View SIM Card information: SIM Card Serial, Phone number, SIM transporter. 
  • View all contacts put away on SIM card. 
  • Searching for a contact. 
  • Add a contact. 
  • Delete a contact or erase various chose contacts. 
  • Modify contact's information. 
  • Import contacts from document. 
  • Export contacts to document (for reinforcement reason) . 

I require INTERNET authorization in my application to recover promotion information. Trust at me, I dont gather your information and your contacts data.