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4 Simple Methods to Read WhatsApp Messages Without Sender Know

As we all know WhatsApp is know showing the blue check marks which let senders know the recipient has read the message. This particular feature has an advantage as well as disadvantage.

The advantage is you will know whether the receiver has read the message or not. But at the same time, the disadvantage is if you do not reply to the sender right away, the sender may feel awkward and will assume that you have ignored them.

To avoid such awkward situations, here are a few simple methods you can use to read WhatsApp messages without alerting the sender’s attention to their action by triggering the blue ticks.

1. Disable Read Receipts Option

Disabling the “Read receipts” option is probably the easiest method to read a Whatsapp message without notifying the sender. By doing so, you’ll disable the ability of WhatsApp to show blue ticks to the sender that tells them that you’ve read their message. But the downside is that you will not be able to see the double blue check marks when someone has read your message as well. Here’s how to disable it.

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the ‘Settings’ menu
  • Tap on ‘Accounts’ and then on ‘Privacy’.
  • Untick the ‘Read Receipts’ option

disable whatsapp read receipt option

2. Peep from the Notification Bar

This is another simple method to read the WhatsApp message without alerting the sender. Whenever you get a message on WhatsApp, it shows a notification on your notification bar. Simply swipe down the notification area from the top of the screen and you can easily read the complete or partial message from the notification bar without opening the app. The blue ticks show only when you open the app to read messages.

3. Turn Off WiFi/ Mobile Data Connection

Once you get a message don’t open the app immediately, turn off the WiFi or mobile data and this will take WhatsApp offline. Now go ahead and read the message and you won’t alert the sender since you’ll be reading the message from the app cache. To ensure you don’t blow your cover make sure to close the WhatsApp app before turning off your WiFi/ mobile data connection.

4. Place WhatsApp Widget to Your Home Screen

If you don’t want to go the extreme length of turning off all your phone’s connectivity. You can place the WhatsApp widget on your home screen to read the message at a glance. Since reading messages via widget doesn’t open the app so you can keep the blue ticks from showing up. You can even reply to other messages without having to send read receipts to the sender you wish to ignore. But the problem of this method is you can see text messages and emoticons only, images, videos, and voice notes are not supported.

To add the WhatsApp widget to your home screen, tap and hold on a clear area of the screen, then choose Widgets. Keep swiping until you find WhatsApp, tap and hold on the WhatsApp widget, then drag it to where you want it to appear on your home screen.

whatsapp widget

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