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The 5 Best Free Download App Manager for Android

Are you tired of the slow browser downloading and looking for a better way to download files on your Android device? Well, then the download manager is the best solution for you.

The download manager is a program designed to ease the process of downloading files. It accelerates downloads by splitting files into multiple sections and downloading them simultaneously, and therefore speed up the download process. Additionally, it can also resume broken downloads so you don’t have to start downloading from the beginning. Although web browsers may have built-in download managers, they do not speed things up the way download managers do.

There are numerous download manager apps available on Google play store that you can use to ease your downloading work. The following are some of the best free download manager apps for Android.

Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager is one of the powerful download manager app made for the Android platform. This app lets you download files in three different parts and each part provides a certain set download speed. You can easily choose the maximum download speed for each part.

Furthermore, if the data connection is lost during download, the program will resume it automatically when the connection is back.

ADM has a build-in web browser. If the download link isn’t a direct link, then this free app automatically opens its build-in web browser to get the fresh link. It supports browsers like Stock Browser, Chrome, Dolphin, and Boat Browser.

All files will be saved according to types in different folders. You can even select the download links and add them to the app to download it later at any point in time.

Other Features of Advanced Download Manager:

  • Accelerate download speed by using multithreading.
  • Backup downloaded files on the SD card.
  • Widget on your home screen.
  • Completion notification by sound and vibration.

    advanced download manager screenshots

Loader Droid Download Manager

Loader Droid is another great download manager developed for Android. It supports any type of downloads, like apps, images, music, videos, etc.

Like ADM, this app also divides the downloads into 3 different parts which accelerate the overall download speed. Also, all the downloads are resumable. You can easily resume the interrupted or paused download.

The good thing about it is that it will pause automatically when connection lost and automatically starts the download when the connection comes back.

Other feature of Loader Droid Download Manager:

  • Recognize links in the browser automatically.
  • Schedule downloads.
  • Dark and Light theme for your preference.

    loader droid download manager screenshots

Turbo Download Manager

Turbo download manager is a fast Android download manager that can boost your download speed up to 5 times. The app uses multiple HTTP connections to accelerate download speed. To increase download speed you can increase maximum connections per download. Also, you can modify the buffer size from the settings menu of the app to optimize the download speed.

Like other download manager apps, Turbo Download Manager also provides the ability to resume interrupted download.

To use this app, you should long-press the link in the browser and choose Share link -> Turbo download manager to start downloading files.

Other features of Turbo Download manager:

  • The unlimited file size supported.
  • Background progress.
  • Sound notifications of download completion.
  • Download history.
  • Configure download directory settings.

    turbo download manager screenshots

Download Manager for Android

The download manager is another best download manager for Android that lets you manage all downloads from one location. It has a clean and simple user interface with a lot of features.

Download manager for Android allows you to downloads files in parallel parts reusing connection to increase download speed. It also has resume capacities and supports large file downloads of up to 2GB.

Downloads can also be initiated right from the browsers or by entering the download URL into the app directly.

Other features of Download Manager for Android:

  • Three times faster download speed.
  • Voice and speech quick search.
  • Download webpage history suggestions.
  • Support Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Twitter search.
  • Resume, cancel and pause any download progress.

    download manager for android screenshots

Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus is a free download manager that allows you to download almost all types of file, including archive files (RAR, ZIP), music files (MP3, OGG, WAV), video files (WMV, MP4, FLV, AVI), documents (DOC, PPT, XLS), applications (APK) with the fastest speed. It boosts downloading speed by splitting files into multiple parts and use multi-thread download with buffering size optimizing.

You can download multiple files simultaneously or add them in a queue to download later. All downloaded files are directly saved to the SD card by default.

Other Features of Download Accelerator Plus:

  • Auto-catch download links whenever you copy to clipboard or open a downloadable link.
  • Auto-resume corrupted downloads due to network error.
  • The Built-in web browser supports multiple tabs, history, and bookmarks.
  • Smart error handling feature which helps prevent download threads interruption.

    download accelerator plus screenshots

So these are the top 5 free download manager for Android that you can download to speed up your download speeds. If you are using any other download manager apps, please feel free to share it with us in the comments below.

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